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Check out these daylighting facts and figures to see how daylighting can make an impact in your world.

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> The U.S. Department of Energy study found that employees who sit near windows have 20 percent fewer symptoms common to workers in "sick buildings." The conclusion: Give people light and spend less on healthcare.
(Smart Business from ZDWire, August 14, 2000)

> When Prince Street Technologies, a subsidiary of Interface Carpets built a new 160,000-square-foot factory in Cartersville, Ga., it used extensive natural daylighting (including 32 skylights), which created an "enormous difference in attitude," according to corporate management. Additionally, the better lighting conditions were linked with improved worker safety. In the first three years after moving into the new facility, workers compensation cases dropped from 20 per year to under one per year, for savings worth an estimated $100,000 to $200,000 a year more than the value of the energy savings.
(The non-profit Center for Energy & Climate Solutions╠ Cool Companies website 2002)

> Patients exposed to natural light and views of the outdoors are thought to recover faster, experience less anxiety and require less pain medication. Mortality rates are also believed to be lower in intensive care units with higher levels of natural light. The Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is contemplating issuing new guidelines for hospital accreditation that would provide standards for exposure to natural light and window views.
(Houston Business Journal, September 22, 2000)

> The lack of light has been documented to cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter depression or the winter blues), maladjustment of our body clock (circadian rhythms), and consistent periods of reduced productivity and enthusiasm. The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research estimates that, in the United States alone, businesses lose more than $150 billion a year in productivity as a result of employee fatigue. One solution is providing a well-lit workspace, with as much natural light as possible.
(Management Review, October1999)

> Higher occupant productivity and satisfaction arc likely to result from the better visual quality that is provided by good daylighting design. Daylight provides the truest and most vivid color rendition of all available light sources. There is also evidence that the high concentration of blue wavelengths in daylight help the eye to see more detail with greatest precision, especially at lower light levels. Mental stimulation is perhaps the biggest benefit of natural light. Daylight reinforces natural circadian rhythms and the production of neural transmitters, such as serotonin. Higher illumination levels have been associated nth greater mental acuity and the simple variability of daylight may be key to mental stimulation. Studies show that lab animals learn and remember better when they are kept in a naturally variable and stimulating environment.
(, 2002)

> According to Business Week, "Today's small companies seek an environment that communicates an image of success and creativity, that wows potential clients, reassures investors, attracts hard-to-find recruits, and helps employees forget how hard they're working? One of the design ups that won't bust your budget is allowing more natural light into cubicle work areas."
(Business Week, November 6, 2000)

> The Container Store, a national storage and organization products retailer, was placed for the third consecutive year on Fortune Magazine's list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For" (ranked as number two in 2002). The retailer's physical work environment, which includes daylighting, has been noted as a contributing factor. "Our store design serves to take away the stress typically associated with the workplace. Happy employee╠s equal better customer service," reported Container Store executives.
(Display & Design Ideas, August 2002)

Easy Solutions
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There are many different products available for daylighting your daily life. One of the more popular ways is with skylights, or non-intrusive tubular skylights. These small skylights allow daylight to enter the home with a minimal investment and are easy do-it-yourself projects. Click this link to learn more about Tubular Skylights.